Additional Services

Savings bond redemption

Over-the-counter paper savings bond sales ended in 2012, as the U.S. Department of Treasury adopted an electronic approach. Bonds are not available at any financial institution, but they can be purchased online through TreasuryDirectPeoples State Bank of Wells will continue to redeem savings bonds.

To check the value of your paper bond, use TreasuryDirect's Savings Bond Calculator. Please note: E bonds are no longer earning interest. 

Safe deposit box 

Secure and fireproof, the perfect place for your important belongings. 


Available in (inches): 3x5, 5x6, 3x10, 6x10, 10x10.

Fees due annually, March 1.

Record Keeping

We offer Rec-Check as a tool for monthly accounting.  For a low cost, we can provide you with a computerized system that will provide you with accurate and easy to understand information.

Other Services:

Notary Services

Coin Counting

Cashiers Checks

Wire Transfer

Reorder Checks

After Hours Depository