Tick, tick, tick...

The clock is running out! This is not about a basketball game in the fourth quarter, it is referring to the time you have left to report your acres to the FSA office. The annual deadline is July 15th and that is fast approaching. The Faribault County office does not require appointments for this process, so you can just show up….but you may have to have some patience as other producers will also be there as well.

Don’t forget to bring that report (the FSA 578 form and map photos) to your crop insurance agent immediately after you are finished at the Farm Service Agency. Crop insurance agents are also working on that deadline to submit your planted acreage for multi-peril insurance.

A couple of other items that pop up this time of year---Many of you used the FSA grain loan program, and those bushels are coming to town now. Remember to “call before you haul”. You need to release bushels with the FSA before you remove the grain from the bin. It has been frustrating to get grain hauled to some warehouses or ethanol plants this summer, so be aware of your expiration dates on existing releases, as you may have to call again for an extension of time to haul. I know it seems that you are being hassled about this, but remember that the FSA staff is just doing their job and that your grain is technically collateral on a loan from the US taxpayer.

One last item……This is ditch mowing season, please avoid any Evel Knievel type dare-devil driving on steep ditch banks. Slow down and be careful.  

Good Luck Out There!