Farewell to Flexstar

It has been frustrating at times this spring to complete the application of post-emergence herbicides to our soybean crop.   Windy conditions and scattered rain events have prevented spraying in some locations.   A very popular product for many farmers is Flexstar.  This product is one of the few out there that can control waterhemp and other troublesome broadleaves.

The issue now is that Flexstar has a 10 month rotation back to corn in Minnesota.  So that pushes 2018 planting back into May at this point.  Any Flexstar applied from here on out has an increased chance of carryover injury to next year’s corn.  This herbicide needs rainfall and soil microbe activity to break down.  If things turn dry or there is a hard early freeze-up of soils, then the active ingredient (fomesafen) can persist until the next growing season.

So it is highly recommended that you say farewell for 2017 to your old friend Flexstar and choose a different herbicide if you are still trying to spray for broadleaf weeds in your soybeans.

Good Luck ,