Producer Page: Tariff Payment

The Market Facilitation Payment (also known as the tariff payment)


Some of the details of this new financial assistance for farmers has been announced.  The payments are as follows:

Corn:  1 cent per bushel

Soybeans:  $1.65 per bushel

This round of payment is on 50% of your 2018 production. 

Pork:  $8 per head

This payment is based on your hog inventory as of August 1, 2018

There is a $125,000 payment limitation on this aid.  However the limit is separate from other programs so it will not count against any ARC-County or PLC limits.

There may be another payment in the future “if warranted”………we’ll wait and see on that one.

A calculation example:

                              ---100 acres of soybeans yielding 50 bushels per acre equals 5000 bushels total production

                              ---5000 bushels x $1.65 payment rate x 50% payment level =  $4,125 total payment  ($41.25 per acre)

                               ---100 acres of corn yielding 180 bushels per acre equals 18,000 bushels total production

                               ---18,000 bushels x .01 payment rate x 50% payment level = $90 total payment  (90 cents per acre)

No need to rush into the FSA office as a corn and soybean farmer, you will need to be able to verify your 2018 production, and the staff probably doesn’t know a whole lot more than you do at this point about the paperwork needed.   Touch base with them later in September. 

Be safe this harvest!!!!!




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