Producer Page: Machinery Maintenance

As we are now starting to wind down for the harvest season, it is time to tend to our farm equipment. Examining for needed repairs and checking all vital systems.

NO….I am not talking about your combine or tractor…..I am talking about your most versatile and essential machine…YOU.

It has been a hard grind of a fall and most of us have not tended to our health as we should. Eating a less than nutritious diet (Mountain Dew and Doritos doesn’t count). Not enough sleep, too much worry and stress, etc. can lead to a rapid decline in your short term health.  

Time to take some preventative maintenance action! Schedule appointments with the dentist, eye doctor, and your family doctor. Now! You often don’t hesitate to invest in GPS gadgets for your tractor or to pamper your pickup, so why shouldn’t you give yourself some much needed attention.

It is important that you stay ahead of potential threats to your well-being by taking proactive steps. Visiting with your physician to conduct an assessment of your particular risks is a good starting point.

As long as we are on the health care subject…it is time for you to be considering your options on health insurance. If you need an individual plan you can shop on-line for the best option.  If this is somewhat confusing for you, contact an insurance professional who is qualified to counsel you as to the choices available and the cost structure. This can be a major cost but you might be able to use it as an opportunity to improve coverage and/or contain premiums with some proper planning. You need to move quickly on this, as it can be a complicated process.



Mark Producer Page headshotAbout Mark Warmka

Mark has worked at Peoples State Bank since 2003, serving as lead agricultural lending officer and bank Senior Vice President. He is also a member of the Board of Directors. Mark has an extensive background in the financial services industry, possessing both investment and insurance licensing and is fully accredited as a crop insurance agent.

He and his wife, Kate, an elementary teacher in Blue Earth, live on and manage the home farm near Easton. Their daughter, Amanda, is a Physician Assistant at UHD Hospital and daughter, Sara, is teaching and coaching at Fairmont Public Schools. 

You can reach Mark by email or at 507-553-3155.

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